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GeForce FX 5900, hardware or software problem?!


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Ok... I checked out the site and it says:

1. "Temperature level monitoring (Both RAM and Chipsets)" - that's not the graphics card.
2. "AGP Power Level Monitoring. AGP Power Level Monitoring can detect the power level from the AGP bus to the graphics card to ensure the stability of your valuable system." - That means that the AGP can be overclocked... You've got a good new computer so I wouldn't mess with those default settings anytime soon.
3. I don't have enough time to understand the details of the "fan control," but it's the CPU fan, not the graphics fan. I can't tell if by "GPU heat" they mean AGP (probably) or the graphics card (unlikely), but if I were you I'd leave all the settings alone.

- A new fast computer is sorta like a new car... you want to fiddle with everything and take care of it and whatever else... but just make sure you have the most current bios/motherboard/gfx/audio drivers and leave everything else alone and there won't be a program that will challenge it for a couple of years.