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GeForce 6200 video playback serious problem


The prob here is serious. I've got a new card, GeForce 6200 A-LE 64bits 256 DDR. Fast but problematic. I can't see a driver that will make it work correctly. I mean, every movie/film I try to run (read it as mpgs, avi's) slows down the system badly and have no playback. When I mean slow down, it SLOWS DOWN.

The cpu usage gets to 100% and don't have the video output. So far I've tried the 91.47 and 76.45 drivers. Couldn't run some more because the setup simply said my hardware wasn't compatible.

Other strange fact I've noticed is that system is recognizing it as PCI and not AGP 8x, as it is.

Dudes, any idea? :\

EDIT: After using of my mad skillz I got it working. ;)

What I did: Got the 82.12 drivers (there werent being compat with my card) and overwrited it's inf file with other. It's now working. :)

I'll leave this thread open, it may be helpful to other persons.
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