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GCM Unshrinker


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The extra data is just garbage data put on a GameCube disc to put the game data itself on the edge of the disc for faster loading times.

If you can shrink a GCM, why not try to unshrink a GCM?

Why would I want to unshrink my GCM's?
Because I unshrinked them all and I actually want the high quality unshrinked GCM's back, without having to get the complete GCM again.

I am not sure if it is possible, but I know there are some great programmers out there.


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You dont need it, all the garbage data does is moves the game data to the edge of the disk for faster load/read speeds.


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I think he wants to try to burn some........ maybe he simply shrinked those he has to save space until he gets a DVD-R burner then unshrink them then burn......

even if it won't work...


Isnt the garbage random data neways? U wouldnt get the exact same file as before shrinking, and the garbage would be in different places coz its original location is lost when shrunk, but I guess it doesnt matter all that much :)


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Well, even though I see no point in such a thing it's not impossible. You could have a program compare the whole image then write a file where it says offset of the garbage data it removed and how many bytes. Then you could have a program use those files to create random data back into the places. Wouldn't be exactly like original, but offset would correct at least. THe garbage info files could be put up for download.

I dont think I have ever thought up so much theory for a so useless project though ;)


A that would be needed is the original TOC from the gcm file that was shrunk. Then everything could be put back in its place on the bloated (unshrunk) file.

The only advantage to this would be if you could burn a GameCube dislk. otherwise it would just waste hardisk space.


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But why doesn't Wario World work when it's shrunk?
The shrunk Wario World works on real hardware, so why not on Dolphin?