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GC: Gameboy player


The decent one
The Gameboy player is a tool to play your GB(A) games at your Gamecube. The quality is excellent however, it has no extra GFX-filters.

Graphics 15/20:

The overall GFX quality of the Gameboy player isn't bad, but there aren't extra filters included, it's just an exact copy of the GBA and stretched up on a TV-screen. Not very bad, not very good, but especially the 3d-games (like Mkart Super Circuit and Duke Nukem Advance) are getting a big quality decrease (because the big stretch-up).

Sound 9/10:

After I played a ported super mario I really had the feeling that I was playing on the real NES. I haven't played on it for at least 4 years now, but I remembered the tunes like I played it yesterday! The bass is excellent, and the tunes of real GBA-games are sounding even better than before.

Controller 14/20:

If you are used to a GBA, the GC-controller is pain in the ass. I wouldn't say that it's terrible bad, but games like Duke Nukem are pretty hard to play with the GC-controller. You can use the GBA as controller to play easier, but it still doesn't play as easy as on the small GBA-screen.

Features 7/10:

There are not much new features. You just get the default GBA-stuff (link-port) and there's GBA-as-controller support and a nice border around your screen and that's all.

Fun 35/40:

It's much fun to run games like this at your big TV-screen. I also played 1 player Mariokart SC with a friend with 2 controllers (pretty confusing, but fun!). You will just get the fun you usually had, but then on a big screen.

Overall 80/100

It's a must have for the GBA-owners who want to see their games coming alive on the big screen!