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Game instructions? (Request)


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Game instructions? (Need help).

Is there any tutorials for how to put the games into these "VMS Files"? Because here is what I do (I'm Mainly focusing and talking about Jet Grind Radio).;

I download a DCi or CDi and whichever one I do I cannot put them in these "Blocks" of yours. I've tried this on nullDC but I quit because the large tags did not work. My main point is, I'd like some help on this, and if the large tags don't work on here either, can someone give me some saves in these "Blocks" so I may play? Also some additional tips just in case I'm missing something?

I'm hoping that it will work on this emulator. Because I cannot afford a DreamCast and a Jet Grind Radio video game at the moment. Please and Thank you. :(
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