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Freezes when going fullscreen


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So I thought originally this was a Hikaru problem only but I figured out I can't use Demul in fullscreen period without a freeze, windowed works absolutely fine no problems. In Naomi Dreamcast etc... they let you do fullscreen windowed which would be fine but for some reason that isn't possible with Hikaru roms so I need fullscreen.

Trust me I don't even ask anything until I've exhausted all my resources. I'm stuck at home so I have nothing but time and I have been googling like crazy and have gotten many suggestions. I have tried Hikarufullscreen, the screen blinks and goes to a full black screen then goes back to a small window. I have tried this script in Launchbox which is a command to hit Alt+enter (hitting Alt+enter myself also doesn't work btw)

Sleep, 9500
Send {Alt Down}{Enter}{Enter Up}{Alt Up}

I tried right clicking on Demul.exe and changing DPI settings, changing color to 16 bit, changing to admin. Of course I clicked fullscreen in Demul and tried different resolutions. Tried going into my graphic cards and changing settings there, and tried changing the resolution of my computer and set scaling to 100%. It simply refuses to stay fullscreen, and if it does stay fullscreen it freezes. I've tried like 5 different versions of Demul and it's the same thing.

I have tried DX11 and 10 plugins in Demul's settings and changed various resolutions. I have narrowed it down to a computer issue because I have another laptop and I tried it with HikaruFullscreen and it worked the first try with no change of settings. So I'm hoping someone very knowledgeable about computers might be able to tell me what's wrong. I did try updating my graphic card and also tried uninstalling/reinstalling no joy.

I probably would have just given up already but the maddening this is I got it to work about a week ago! But when I tried it again yesterday it went back to a window. I changed Demul settings for other games and changed computer settings to get other games to work and now after trying since yesterday almost none stop I can not replicate getting it to work. If I ever get it to work again I will make a .txt of all the things I did and I will even make a seperate copy of Demul that way I can make sure I never accidentally change them again, but I'm not sure I can get to that point.

Here are my computer specs if it matters

Intel Core i3-7100U 2.4GHz 2400Mhz 2 core 4 Logical processors
Running Windows 10 latest updates
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