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Free NES Emulator for Android


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we have released a NES Emulator for Android based on FCEUX.
The Lite version is free (it is ad-supported, but no ads are displayed during gameplay).

- Modern, cool-looking & user friendly interface
- Game progress saving and loading - 8 manual slots with screenshots & an autosave slot. Share save states among your devices via BT, mail, skype etc. directly from the app.
- Rewinding! Got killed by a bad guy? Never mind! Just rewind the game a couple of seconds back and try again!
- Wi-Fi controller mode! This unique feature allows several devices to be connected with each other. Turn your phone into a wireless gamepad and play your favorite multiplayer NES games with your friends. We support up to 4 players!
- Zapper (light gun) emulation
- PAL (Europe)/NTSC (USA, Japan) video modes support
- Hardware accelerated graphics utilizing OpenGL ES
- 44100 Hz stereo sound
- Hardware keyboard support
- Screenshots - easily capture an image of the game any time during gameplay
- GameGenie - use special cheat codes to make NES games even more fun!
- NES and ZIP file support

Have a look, it is really cool :)

Let us know what you think about it.


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Hey there thanks for that update but i am not able to download that emulator on my device..the store keeps on loading until it shows and error and after that the application stops abruptly..is there anything wrong with my device or the link.


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Hi all! We are currently looking for people who would be interested in beta testing Nostalgia.NES. Beta testers get updates of the app sooner than public and help us make every release as stable as possible. If you would like to become part of the beta testing team do not hesitate to send us an email.


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Thanks a lot _Zack_!
Today we're releasing a new version of the emulator. We've implemented a lot of feature requests including:

- highly customizable layout of the controller (all the buttons are movable & resizeable)
- support for raw cheats (like E01D:B5)
- turbo buttons & A+B button
- Wiimote support via Wiimote Controller app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ccpcreations.android.WiiUseAndroid)

We've also optimized performance of emulation and fixed many minor bugs.

Hope you guys will like it :)