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free asian sex


That guy that does stuff.
This only proves that not all humans are gifted with a brain, or maybe her's is fried on crack. >_>

Edit: Good thing I lost all hope for the human race long ago. XD
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Well,well you find out something new every day .
Up untill today i never knew this .I really had no idea how it looks like .Luckily for Keiko she showed me .I must say it's beautiful and really makes you want to be there in the middle of the action.
Btw ,I'm talking about the Tokyo subway map :D


No older than 35 huh? WhOOt! I'm 34! I'm in baby!

And I'm a white (With an occasional tan) bread (Without Vegemite) Australian with incredible good looks (Or atleast my plastic surgeon keeps on telling me...) and hard rippled body, plus I have a wonderful, insane, psychotic sense of humour...he he he...arggggggg!!! :evil:

Me A.I. You Keiko!

Me wants SNOO-SNOO! :drool:


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Me wants SNOO-SNOO! :drool:
You will have death by snoo-snoo if your not careful :p

Can somebody whos not from America tell me whether or not America is the only country that sells "trojans" Im sorry, I just dont pay attention to that market.


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I can get a trojan if I go and buy it around the corner and I live in Costa Rica, I don't know if that answers your question


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Or it could be an experiment of sorts to see how many people actually believe her and send in photos (and personal information) based on the idea of free lodging and sex :p


I believe sethmcdoogle might be onto the real reason.

Nothing is free, there is always a price. :)