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Frame buffer emulation


PJ64 Lubba
couldnt it be 30.3 Dlists per second? ???

anyway, the point is, its fast. The colours are sorta funky though...

[edit] im referring to the Mario Kart screenshot.


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OK I know I am about to sound stupid but what is so special about framebuffer? These are emulated games so there must be something special going on here!!! Can someone explain


PJ64 Lubba
bust out ur emus and r0ms and try and get the same screenshots that icepir8 has been posting, and youll find out.


Here's the first two screens that Ice posted without framebuffer emulation, just like pj64er said ;)

(Taken using Glide64 v0.1, scaled down, compressed as jpg - might looka little flaky)


i'm no expert....

...but judging from the pic comparisons, it's a MISSING PIECES kind of thing. much more important than just "visual clarity". :)

i'm so excited about all the plugin work lately that i just had my right foot go numb.

don't ask.



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certain aspects of many games are missing without frame buffe emulation. try it out with jabosd3d plugin, in the video options, turn on the cfb in say mario kart, then turn off and play it, and ull see wats missing.