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Finally upgrading my pc


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I finally got the money to upgrade my pc. So far I have ordered the motherboard and processor shown below.



The trouble I am having is deciding on what kind of video card to order. I have chosen two because I only have $300 to spend for it.



What I want to know is if the 7900 is a big difference in gaming from the 6800? I am planning on ordering it tonight, so any help would be helpful.


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A 6800XT PCI-E is in fact slower (or virtually the same performance) than the 6800 AGP that you have listed in your specs. A 7900GT is more than twice as fast as a 6800 AGP.


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Very good system indeed, go for the 7900GT as Clements said. You might also consider to build a Core 2 Duo system, however you will need more money for the mobo and CPU and change yor RAM, that's a lot more of money


I was about to recommend you an X2 core, but I looked up the benchmarks for x2 vs 64. Great deal on that CPU! If you wanna go high end, get the 4800+ with 2x1MB cache :p
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That 7900 is definetly more worth it. The 6800 may have more onboard RAM, but it has a slower RAM speed. You only really need 256 now, and the faster, the better. You of course want PCI express, so the GPU can communicate with the CPU as fast as possible. You also want good clock speed, which the 7900 definetly has more of. Finally I noticed that the 7900 had 24 pixel pipelines, versus the 6800's 8 pixel pipelines. I dont exactly know what pixel pipelines do (somebody help me out) but I know that more is better. Definetly go with the 7900.


The more pixel pipelines there are, the more the fillrate. Multiply the GPU clock by the number of pixel pipelines, and that's how many pixel clocks a second. 12 gigapixels a sec.


Why not get a socket AM2 Motherboard? The socket 939 will probably be discontinued and from what I know, AM2 is backwards compatible.
I would also recommend an X2. Dual Core has its benefits and is more overclockable.


That Damn Good
Well I got all my parts in finally, but I messed up. It turns out the MOBO required a 24-pin connector along with the 4-pin atx 12v connector. My PSU only had a 20-pin connector and the 4-pin connector so I cant hook it up yet. I just ordered an 20 pin to 24 pin adapter so when that comes in I will get to have some fun.