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Final Burn Evolution 3.03


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new version of this emulator of Cps1,cps2,neo geo,etc.


Final Burn Evolution 3.03

What is new on FB Evo?

>>> Neo-Geo <<<

==> Over clocked some games from 12MHz to 18Mhz (take a look at the list of games at SNK-NeoFighters)

==> All sets updated

==> Added an option to dump the C-ROMs to the HDD instead of the system memory - Thanks to iq_132

==> Added "Metal Slug 6 (hack)" - A "Metal Slug 3" hack

==> Removed uni-bios support from the Dip-Switches menu

==> Added and option to use Uni-Bios as default bios - Thanks to iq_132

>>> CPS1 & CPS2 <<<

==> Added "Phoenix" ROMs support - Thanks to iq_132

==> Added the game "Hyper Street Fighter II - the anniversary edition (040202 Asia, Phoenix)" (Working)

==> Added some CPS1 hacks

==> Fixed Dip-Switches in some games

==> Fixed bug on "Saturday Night Slam Masters” and clones - Now its working

==> All CPS2 sets updated and fixed

>>> Misc Games <<<

==> "Tiger Heli" and "Slap Fight" updated - Thanks to iq_132

==> Added "Galaxian" games support - Thanks to Treble Winner

==> Added "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and clones

>>> Misc <<<

==> Fixed and updated the record / replay inputs. Now you can record inputs on full screen and it doesn’t crash anymore when you load a non existent input

==> Added an option to save your input preset configuration

==> Main menu updated ("Game", "Video", "Audio"...)

==> Emulator license updated

==> "Load Game" menu, updated, re-sized and cleaned

==> Removed the Hot-Keys during net play - It was causing desync, because of that, you won't be able to save your configurations made during the on-line game

==> Fixed bug with previews bigger than 224 pixels

==> Removed the "Basic" and "Soft FX" video blitters - They are useless since the "Enhanced" blitter has all the filters that those 2 have

==> Added a code to save your AVI video files with name you want

==> Added an option to search for possible cheats on the game memory

==> Updated IPS support

>>> Kaillera <<<

==> Added a new kailleraclient.dll - No more black buttons

==> Added a default bios for Neo-Geo - Japan / Console

==> Disabled the "Set Dip-Switches" menu for Neo-Geo games

be sure to read all text files like readme.txt,there are 2 versions: one in english and other in portuguese.

the site is in portuguese but is not hard to download from there and you can speak english,portuguese or spanish in the forums too ;)

Final Burn Evolution Official Home Page
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