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fifa road to world cup 98 problem


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hi, im having an anoying white stripe on the left side of the field and it only pops up on the left side close to the goal keeper it goes to a small long stripe then it goes bigger and so on...i have put everything in the videoplugin to normal and tryed differend plugins i even tryed an other emulator and the psx one fixes it but i want to play it on the epsxe cause its better grafics and doesnt lag like on the older version..pls how can i fix this bullcrap.


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Fifa 98 white line solution

Hi buddy. Im not sure by now if you solved the problem but here is the solution. Firstly to play Fifa 98, I use epsxe v1.9.0. with PEOPS soft driver 1.19 as the video plugin and epsxe SPU core 1.9.0 as my sound plugin. Then in the video plugin set the dithering to "always dither g-shaded ploygons". (Dont tick FPS limit nor frame skipping. Rather tick "use SSSPSX limit mode" otherwise your game might stutter completely since you are using epsxe SPU core 1.9.0 - which in my opinion is the best sound plugin to use). Then once you have done this, tick "activate special game fixes" and inside there tick "disable coord check". Once I did all this I was able to play Fifa 98 without the annoying white line popping up on the field and without any other strange patterns. Using this method also gets rid of the white line when I play Fifa 99. I know its been a long time since you posted your question but please let me know if you get this reply and if it helps you. :)
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