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I Run This
Well rice, i only saw 1 change, and the divisions stayed the same once they where modified. And window position, which was cool too :) But the rest had no change.

Maybe you missed them but here they are again, more organized, and the final list for them.


-CTY Renamed to Country

-VI's are back to zero once rom is exited.

-ROM Entries still not sorted by external name, Hanfuda 64: Tenshu No Yakuso is in the A's, along with some others.

-Window State not remembered, for example if it was last closed on fullscreen, rather than windowed.

-DSF's new cheat window looked better, think about the one with the checkboxes.

-Countries are not abbreviated. EUR = Europe

-SIZE written Size

-GPL Info renamed to GPL Information

-Instead Of Ready with directory, have : Ready - XXXXX ROMs In Current Directory

-Options to have either the counting done by CPU 20% Audio 20% or have them like they are now. It could be under user options

-Quick Access buttons for mostly all the menu entries, for example, CTRL + O opens the rom open dialog window.

-If possible a full screen FPS/VI counter. The FPS are taken from the status bar in windowed mode, and then typed onto the full screen.

-Video Options renamed to Video Settings, the same for input and audio.

-Switch plugins renamed to Plugin Setup

-Cheats have its own menu, it has the ability to have it, the cheat system is refined enough for more visibility. Not like netplay, where it might work, and might not.

-Entries on the help menu are renamed without the "..." at the end.

-User Options renamed to preferences, a bit more well defined.

-Window not visible until correctly initialized, because the window is resized like 3 times until it loads. It would be a bit more nicer if it resized without being visible, and on the final resize, it becomes visible.


When cheats applied, 1080's characters are invisible, all you can see is their head, I used 1080 Snowboarding (JU)(!).zip

Thats it! I think that covers me and dsf's suggestions, i know its too long rice and schibo, but just giving feedback, all just to imrpove the 1964 GUI. You can either discard the suggestions or take them. Either way guys, here they are and thanks for everything. BTW I attached some new icons i decided to make for 1964, tell me if you guys like them, my personal favorite is 19642 :)


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;) I think 1964 is fine, I would just like to see:

1. More Stability
2. More speed if possible
3. A little more compatibility.
4. FPS counter instead of VI counter

Otherwise, 1964 is great.:thumbsup:


I Run This
Well gamer123 to be honest, rice or schibo can do that in a day or less. The question is if they like it, or if they are gonna do it. Your suggestions is what everobdy else wants also :) so you are not alone :)


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Oh yeah, I would also like to see Force Feedback supported with NRage's plugin, and for his plugin to work 100% efficiently.


I Run This
Hey dont know if anybody knows this, but some jap game's comments disappear, like Mario No Photopie (J)(!) everytime 1964 is started/restarted.


PJ64 Lubba
Eddy said:
Well gamer123 to be honest, rice or schibo can do that in a day or less. The question is if they like it, or if they are gonna do it. Your suggestions is what everobdy else wants also :) so you are not alone :)

ur thinking of them too highly.

Rice and schibo are great n64 emu authors, but those things take a lot of work.

im not understating the skill of 1964's authors. Emu authors are a great title in itself, but n64 emu author is above and beyond. 'great' is just an extra touch.;)


I Run This
..? pjer renaming menu entries and adding quick access buttons do not take much time, the only feature that might give them trouble is the checkboxes in the cheat menu. But thats about it.


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An access to the save states in full screen would be welcome too (I like the Zsnes style).

About the states, I think that you should add the extension automatically. Currently, if you dont specify one, the file is saved ".nothing_at_all" and does not apear in the load menu untill you select "All files".


roll for life
like the new gui additions. damn u guys really do listen. :D

particularly like automatic fullscreen upon loading rom.


The Eliminator
Well gamer123, the only eason why you might have problems with 1964 is because you have a i830 video card or something like that. That's not very good for 1964 or PJ64. Otherwise if you had a Geforce card of some sort you won't notice speed problems.



i def. think an fps counter AS WELL as a v/i counter is a good idea.

i think however that you guys under rate the 1964 gfx plugin. it works really well, in some situations, with a little work it could be amazing... first it needs a screenshot option though, so people can send u shots of bugs.

that and some speed are about all my n64 trailer park needs...




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Yep, I really wouldn´t know if their ears are bigger then other people in general but it seems like they are picking up just the right things. The modified gui is a lot neeter, some of the new stuff isn´t working properly but besides that they have it all pretty much covered.

The position of the fields are now being saved after changing them, it doesn´t mather what you do to it it will remain the way you changed them to.

The scollbar position is working properly, after opening a game and then closing it, the scrollbar will now be in the same position as it were before.

Sorting is a lot better then before but it still doesn´t get everything right. Not on a single instance has it managed to place 1080 snowboarding on the top and all countries are not displayed in full name.

For multi region roms - 0x41 - NTSC is displayed, and some of the demos - 0x20, 0x21, 0x38, 0x70 - are displayed as PAL instead of Europe.

And maybe ROM name should be changed to Name, if the users can´t figure out that it is refering to the rom names they should probaly be doing something else... Other then that I´m really, really satisfied with 1964´s current development.

Oh, imagine that I almost forgot a suggestion on a option to erase all settings to default, plugin selections, preferences and gui stuff, insted of reinstalling 1964 I can revert all settings with a single click.
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all countries are not displayed in full name.
Good point, I just did not have complete country code / country name matching list. the info in your post is pretty much enough.

Not on a single instance has it managed to place 1080 snowboarding on the top
hm, I can sort 1080 without problems, I guess this problem has been fixed.