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Federelli's Nemu64 .ini Wip


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Federelli's Nemu64.ini Wip

Guys this is a WIP so i need help, please report missing games and inconsistencies in this thread
I've corrected lot's of games since last release, added lots more.
But i still need help as you can see :)
Please Read "Read this file.txt"

Download Federelli's Nemu64.ini v1.93 HERE

Latest changes:
04/04/05 - v1.93
Lot's of new entries, and a bunch of corrections. Mostly demos

New Entries:
1964 Demo by Steb (PD)
2 Blokes & An Armchair - Nintendo 64 Remix Remix (PD)
3DS Model Conversion by Snake (PD)
77a by Count0 (POM'98) (PD)
77a Special Edition by Count0 (PD)
Absolute Crap Intro 1 by Kid Stardust (PD)
Absolute Crap Intro 2 by Lem (PD)
Action Replay Pro 64 V3.0 (Unl)
Action Replay Pro 64 V3.3 (Unl)
Alienstyle Intro by Renderman (PD) [a1]
Alienstyle Intro by Renderman (PD)
Alleycat 64 by Dosin (POM '99) (PD)
Analogue Test Utility by WT_Riker (POM '99) (PD)
Attax64 by Pookae (POM '99) (PD)
BB SRAM Manager (PD)
Berney Must Die! by Nop_ (POM '99) (PD)
Bike Race '98 V1.0 by NAN (PD)
Bike Race '98 V1.2 by NAN (PD)
Birthday Demo for Steve by Nep (PD)
Boot Emu by Jovis (PD)
CD64Bios (Revised) Direct-Upgrade-Version V1.08
CD64Bios (Revised) EEPROM-Burner Version V1.08
CD64Bios Direct-Upgrade-Version V1.09
CD64Bios Direct-Upgrade-Version V1.10
CD64Bios Direct-Upgrade-Version V1.11
CD64Bios Direct-Upgrade-Version V1.13
CD64Bios Direct-Upgrade-Version V1.20
CD64Bios Direct-Upgrade-Version V1.21
CD64Bios Direct-Upgrade-Version V1.23
CD64Bios Direct-Upgrade-Version V1.30
CD64Bios EEPROM-Burner Version V1.08
CD64Bios EEPROM-Burner Version V1.09
CD64Bios EEPROM-Burner Version V1.10
CD64Bios EEPROM-Burner Version V1.11
CD64Bios EEPROM-Burner Version V1.21
CD64Bios EEPROM-Burner Version V1.23
CD64Bios EEPROM-Burner Version V1.30
CD64 Memory Test (PD)
Chaos 89 Demo (PD)
Christmas Flame Demo (PD)
Chrome Demo - Enhanced (PD)
Chrome Demo - Original (PD)
Cliffi's Little Intro by Cliffi (POM '99) (PD)
Congratulations Demo for SPLiT by Widget and Immo (PD)
Cube Demo (PD)
CZN Module Player (PD)
GameBooster 64 V1.1 (PAL/NTSC) (Unl)
GameShark Pro V2.0 (Unl)
Display List Ate My Mind Demo by Kid Stardust (PD)
Dragon King by CrowTRobo (PD)
DS1 Manager 1.0 by RBubba (PD)
DS1 Manager 1.1 by RBubba (PD)
Dynamix Intro (Hidden Song) by Widget and Immo (PD)
Dynamix Intro by Widget and Immo (PD)
Dynamix Readme by Widget and Immo (PD)
Eurasia first N64 Intro by Sispeo (PD)
Eurasia Intro by Ste (PD)
Evek - V64jr Save Manager by WT_Riker (PD)
Explode Demo by NaN (PD)
Fire Demo by Lac (PD)
Fractal Zoomer Demo by Redbox (PD)
Kid Stardust Intro with Sound by Kid Stardust (PD)
Liner V1.00 by Collin PHillipps of Memir (PD)
N64 Stars Demo (PD) [b1]
Pause Demo by RedboX (PD)
Pong by Oman (PD)
Psychodelic Demo by Ste (POM'98) (PD)
Puzzle Master 64 by Michael Searl (PD)
Rotating Demo USA by Rene (PD)
SNES 9X Alpha for V64 Bios 1.91 (PD)
Soncrap Golden Eye Intro (PD)
Spice GIrls Rotator Demo by RedboX (PD)
Tetris Beta Demo by FusionMan (POM'98) (PD)
Top Gear Anal Rally Show 2 with Acey & ss_forces (Beta)
Top Gear Hyper GoatSex Featuring Acey (Beta)
TopGun Demo (PD)
TR64 Demo by FIres and Icepir8 (PD)
TRON Demo (PD)
XtraLife Dextrose Demo by RedboX (PD)

Updated Entries:
Beetle Adventure Racing! (J) [!]
Disney's Tarzan (E) [!]
Disney's Tarzan (G) [!]
Disney's Tarzan (U) [!]
Donkey Kong 64 - Kiosk (U) [!]
Doubutsu no Mori (J) [!]
Jet Force Gemini - Kiosk (U) [!]
Jikkyou G1 Stable (J) [!]
Hoshy no Kirby 64 (J) [!]
Lylat Wars (A) [!]
Kirby 64 - The Crystal Shards (E) [!]
Kirby 64 - The Crystal Shards (U) [!]
Kobe Bryant's NBA Courtside (E) [!]
Kobe Bryant's NBA Courtside (U) [!]
Les Razmoket - La Chasse Aux Tresors (F) [!]
Top Gear Rally (E) [!]
Top Gear Rally (J) [!]
Top Gear Rally (U) [!]
Lylat Wars (A) [!]
Pocket Monsters Stadium (J) [!]
Pokemon Snap (A) [!]
Yakouchuu II - Satsujin Kouru (J) [!]
World Cup 98 (E) [!]
World Cup 98 (U) [!]
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Thanx Trotter, and Gandalf, perhaps Nemu is not famous in Argentina, but it is in the rest of the World :)
And i am willing to do what it takes to make it as compatible as it gets


nice to hear that the nemu.ini is still being picked up and upgraded... i just downloaded it and i'll be trying it asap...


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Thanx, i really need help since i don't have a full rom set
Make sure you read the read-me file


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Whoa Keith, i really aprecciate it, let's hope we can all work together on improving this as far as possible.

Of course credit will be given, as usual :)

Thanks once again keith


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Pokemon Snap

Hi. thanx for this awesome release, it felt good to dig nemu outta the cobwebs to see which of the many unplayable games would be playable with your new ini. Still haven't managed to get Pokemon Snap to work, in the comment section of Nemu, it says that Pokemon Snap is Fully playable (first time its ever said that, thanx!) and that it "Uses FB". I wanted to know what that meant, cuz Pokemon Snap still won't work for me and i was hoping u might know y. sorry to bother u like this.
AMD Athlon 2100+
80gb HD
512mb ddr ram
windows me
Geforce 4 ti 4800 SE
Nemu version 0.8
replaced my old .ini with yours, no modifications or joins.


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hehe :) I've read your PM, thanks, though most things were fixed for the latest release, check my reply


Let´s see

Hey good to hear that is nemu updates, I download the file, let´s try...


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Federelli said:
Actually you can play pokemon snap, but can't move the camera...

You can move the controler in the 1st level with our new cheat ;)
It seems to be a copy protection. ;)

[Pass 1st Level and Controller Fix]
D1382D1C 802C
80382D0F 0000

This fixes the issue where you can not pass the 1st level and No Controller Movement Enjoy!

Take a look at the next cheat files other Regions will also be supported.

Enjoy cu winfy


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Federelli, the code works fine in Nemu 8 :) I just tried it myself, camera on first level = perfect. Cheat support always seemed to be fine in Nemu when I used it.