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Fast LLE?


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I am new here so pleas forgive me if I have placed this post in the wrong part. This is just a really random thought I had today. It is probably totally useless but its a thought anyhow. But if some one in the know would like to comment I would love to hear what you have to say. Now your going to have to bare with me here as this may get a little confusing.

I started off thinking way back when, when I was first knowing using quite complicated emulation on the old Alpha systems they actually took the X86 code and in its own magical way turned it in to native Alpha code. This was done very well but that was not really the most interesting part. The think that got my attention was that it actually saved the native Alpha code for it to call on later so you did not have to emulate it again. In essence it took a X86 program and rewrote it in to its native format. This method proved to be very effective and allowed what were X86 programs to be run at very good speed after the emulator had done its thing and made it native.

Now you may be seeing what I am getting at here. Perhaps native N64 applications could not only be emulated but also converted to a native X86 application. This could possibly show a good speed gain? But read on I am not stopping here.

Now one of the biggest problems with N64 emulation is that it is very much still HLE and there are a lot of hacks if you like. Now I was wondering how much is actually know about the N64 hardware? Is a true LLE possible? I can imagine as with many other emulators it would be possible to take much of the required code directly from a real N64.

Now LLE is notoriously slow. But also in its very essence should give good computability. Now possibly combine the first item I talked about and the second and I wonder what would happen? Also I suspect that modern native 64bit X86 derived system some of the work around required in the past for N64 emulation could be made redundant?


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This is how CPU emulation in most N64 emulators already works. The term is dynamic recompilation, which means that the emulator translates N64 code into native code as needed, and then when that code is called again the translated code can be reused. The terms HLE and LLE are usually applied to graphics and sound emulation. HLE is typically faster, while LLE is potentially more accurate.