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F355 - Triple screen (fullscreen) with manual gearstick - Logitech G27


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I have managed to run F355 in a triple screen PC setup with full G27 support, clutch and 6 gearstick

I had to take a few steps:

I'm assuming that you already have demul and F355 deluxe running.

If you can't setup the controls because it always defaults to "JOY0_ANL7_KEY" or something similar, blame the clutch. Try to press the clutch pedal a bit (not all the way) and at some point it won't be detected while trying to assign other controls.

Left: Gear DOWN
Right: Gear UP

Up: Accelerate
Down: Brake
(set up pedals as combined in Logitech's panel)
Left: Wheel Left
Right: Wheel Right

Down: Clutch on
Coin: Coin
Start: Start

PUSH1 to PUSH4 = Driving Assistance 1 to 4 (Assign them to the red buttons next to the gearstick)

Digital UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT controls the 6 gears in pro mode.


To make this work with the G27 you can use JoyToKey or something similar.
In demul assign JOY2 DIGITAL to 4 keys, eg. UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT
In joy to key config buttons 9 to 14 (in my config, might vary) to the combinations above


Demul will open 4 windows when launching the game
(I also get a gxpad error window x3 that can be closed and ignored)

To hide the Demul menu just need to press F3 on each window.
To remove the title bar and maximize the windows I'm using an autohotkey script:
#SingleInstance force

; Exclude the desktop
; Note: Also excludes "My Computer" browsing windows.
; Better detection might be needed to differentiate the parent explorer "ahk_id" from child windows.
; Also seems to disregard accidental Metro interface clicks (Win 8+)
#IfWinNotActive ahk_exe explorer.exe

; Set your resolution (minus decorations like start bars if you wish to leave those on-screen.
w = 1920
h = 1080
w_wasted = 6 ; width used by resize bars
h_wasted = 29 ; width used by caption frame and resize bars

; Window to fullscreen
LWIN & LButton::
SetTitleMatchMode, 2
WinGet Style, Style, A

; 0xC40000 = WS_BORDER (0x800000) + WS_DLGFRAME (0x400000) + WS_SIZEBOX aka WS_THICKFRAME (0x040000)
if(Style & 0xC00000) { ; if has WS_CAPTION. Ignore sizebox value.
WinGetPos, X, Y, Width, Height, A
WinSet, Style, -0xC40000, A ; removes attributes, including sizebox...doesn't do a strict subtraction
} else {
WinSet, Style, +0xC40000, A
; Note: will set WS_SIZEBOX even if not previously present
if(Width > w - w_wasted) {
Width := %w%-%w_wasted%
if(Height > h - h_wasted) {
Height := %h%-%h_wasted%
WinSet Redraw

And to hide the 4th window (which needs to be on top in order to control demul) I'm making it 100% transparent with PeekThrough (Google it, is free)

Run Peekthrough, choose a hot key (eg: WinKey+F2) and in transparency move the slider all the way to the left. Click Activate.

Activate one of the game windows, Click on the title while holding the left WINDOWS key to maximize them and hide the titlebar (using the autohotkey script). This will move the window to the center screen too. Press WINDOWS + SHIFT + LEFT or RIGHT to move the game window to a different screen.

Repeat with the other 2 game screens.

Once you have all the 3 screens in their proper position, activate the 4th demul screen (dark grey) with ALT+TAB (as many times as necessary), and make it invisible with the PeekThrough hotkey (in my example Windows + F2)

If you get stuck at some step let me know.
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I applaud you for going through all the effort to get this working! I don't have a triple screen setup but your key config guide is useful to me. I'm running a g27 and the binding/gxpad errors are very annoying.

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