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Everything's ok!


Everyone gets what he deserves
Well, guys, it doesn't matter if this great DC emu is dead... Let's be logical. Those
guys may have a more interesting real life and got bored coding this emu. They
would prefer speding time with their girlfriends and enjoy their lifes (personally this is what i care the most!). Or they are not friends anymore, had a fight
or they may have even deleted the source code by mistake (i think that's impossible but who knows ??:matrix: ) or or or or or... There are many plots!
But the main thing is that we must thank them for this great emu and so on!
Just be patient and if Chankast is never released everything is OK :happy: :happy: :happy: !

Personally, i wish them the best in their lifes and to achieve goals that they have set! I am happy with Chankast as i can play my favourite games, i dont
care much if i that doesnt happen flawless!

Best wishes,

:angry: All you impantient coach potatoes that dont respect the authors wait for NullDC!!!


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I pretty much gave up hope on this emulator. I just wished that they wouldve atleast made it open source so it could be continued since it is the best emulator for dc. Whatever though....this NullDC looks very interesting! Maybe this will finally be the dc emulator we have all been waiting for.


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I just wish they say something ..any damn word,a "hi" or something . It's been over 2 years of silence . Maybe now with NullDc competing the sleeping beauty will awake :)


NullDC will be the best dc emu and i say that because it can play sa2 (sonic adventure 2 ;)) perfectly woo hooo