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ePSXe 2.0.5 - Lunar: Eternal Blue (U) Code Help Needed


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ePSXe 2.0.5
Lunar: Eternal Blue (U)

Hello. So, I have been trying to get the Walk Through Walls and No Random Encounter codes to work but they just won't. The default codes that came with this emulator matches the raw codes I found on the internet, so, in theory, they should work. I checked several different sources and even found some codes that weren't in the list. Most of the codes are the same as the ones I have. Even the new codes that I found work. Codes such as Max Money and Can Run Infinitely. The Can Run Infinitely code gives you unlimited stamina when running. Those all work. So, why aren't these two codes working? Is anyone willing to try these codes on their PC and tell me if they work or not? I'll attach my cheat.txt to this post. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Here are the codes:

#Walk Thru Walls (L1+Select=On / L2+Select=Off)
D008B1B8 0104
80025C82 1000
D008B1B8 0104
80025DCA 1000
D008B1B8 0101
80025C82 1040
D008B1B8 0101
80025DCA 1040

#No Random Battles (R1+Select=On / R2+Select=Off)
D008B1B8 0102
80007800 0000
D008B1B8 0108
80007800 4D43
D0007800 4D43
8008B288 000C


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