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Enix + square = The begining of the golden age of rpgs!!


Destoryer of worlds


enix whom made some good games in the past and present only ones i remember by head was terranigma, were even zelda got some of its ideas from, (such as that boss fight with those ghost) soul blazer, legend of lagia, and possible one more... also didnt they make dragon quest?

square you all know final fantasy and many many more

my point is both companys joining forces.. thats like nintendo and sega joining forces :happy: :plain: :happy:

Square and Enix announced they will be merging into a new company called Square Enix in Japan on April 1, 2003. Both Square and Enix are the top RPG makers in Japan, with the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series on hand, Square Enix would become the biggest RPG developer. The purpose of the amalgamation is to use the centripetal force to the creator and the content property to maximize and reinforce the earnings base. In the amalgamation ratio, Square is 0.81 and Enix is 1.0, therefore Square will become the dissolution company while Enix will take charge of Square Enix. The new chairman for Square Enix is Keiji Honda, the president and representative director of Enix; and Square's Wada Youichi will become the vice president of the company.
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there where rumors about this happening.. square a month or so ago said that they wanted to make games with a wider audience (at famitsu show).. and that they wanted to become bigger in RPG.. but nothing official was said untill yesterday..

after that though the rumors started that Square would split up into 2 diferent companies.. since 1 wanted to become bigger with RPG's.. and then another one to make more action based games.. those where the rumors for quite a while at least.. i guess this statement really wow'ed everyone though hehe :).. i never expected this to happen..

i don't keep up with square as much as other companies these days.. i've kind of been loosing faith in them.. Enix.. i dunno some of their games have been good.. some not so good.. but many of them haven't even been released outside of japan.. and those are the best ones.. so who knows how this event affects the rest of the world really.. they might plan to just stick to japan anyways.. at least i think that was enix..

eather way.. we can say byebye to the old square now.. since there's supposedly been alot of changes :p.. maybe it's for the best though.. who knows..