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Emulators on PSX


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Hi people! Sometimes ago i've heard about the possibilty to emulate old console on the psx.. Surfing the net i found an emulator for NES on psx, known as "IMBnes" (It Might Be Nes). It works great, i've tried on my own and it's wonderful to see that emulation reached the old console just like psx. Maybe you already knew this, and if it's so i have a question for you: is there any kind of sega emulator for PSX? (PSone i mean) beacuse of course there are emulators for the ps2, but i don't know if it's possible to emulate these kind of console (sega genesis, sega megadrive, master system) on the psx. If somebody knows it, please reply. Thanks!


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The PlayStation is not powerful enough to emulate something like the Sega Genesis. As far as the Master System goes, I think the PSX fairly underpowered even for that console.

P.S. The Sega Genesis and the Sega MegaDrive are the same thing.


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But we are talking about emulators that works on PSX not PSX emulators for windows..