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emulator says Opcode "[31-c607a0e3] in PC [bfc0002c] UNKNOWN [000000000:001:213]"


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emulator says Opcode "[31-c607a0e3] in PC [bfc0002c] UNKNOWN [000000000:001:213]"

I encountered this problem. I searched for answers but couldn't find any. I decided to ask the question here so this may be my only post.

I checked and the bios IS for the PS1 emulator,but however I'm unable to play the game. The game is needforspeed 3, whenever I open it, [31-c607a0e3] in PC [bfc0002c] UNKNOWN [000000000:001:213] appears. And when try to play other games (which were working smoothly before i encountered this problem), the same message pops up as well. What is happening? Am I missing something?


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What emulator? What version of the emulator? What is the game's region? Which BIOS for the PSX are you using?