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emulator resets when selecting play icon on the main menu, why?


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I have a little problem, I have the bios, I had mounted the image with daemon tools, i open the emulator, choose the right drive, start the emulator, the bios starts fine, i put the hour on the clock the main menu appears, i choose the play icon and then the emulators resets back to the beginning to put the hour on the clock, instead of starting the game, why does this happens? If someone knows please email at: [email protected] - ( i had used other emulators of iso so i know a little is just a weird glitch that i don't understand) the games i'm using are sonic adventure and sonic adventure 2 from emuparadise and have chankast 0.25. I never really played in this emulator so i don't know if it is that the games are not compatible


16-bit Corpse | Moderator
Your Dc_flash.bin is probably corrupt. Why do you want us to email you when you go to the trouble of posting on a message board?

P.S. Don't tell us where you get games. It's against the rules and we don't need to know.