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Emulation Inprovements?


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:paperbag: Hey all, As most of you know I despise Sony with a passion, However their psp screen is better then the NDSL.
So I am curious as to the emulation status of Nintendo/Snes/N64/GBA... systems on PSP.

I have access to the hacking tools and do have a old psp that was cracked. However it was cracked years ago and is out of date.

What improvements have been made within the last few years?


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Most of those systems work pretty good currently. The Nintendo 64 it's not that well emulated trough. A good way to describe N64 emulation on the PlayStation Portable is using Project64 1.4 in a computer with a crappy 199X graphics card.

Plus, everything gets stretched from 5:4 and 4:3 to 16:9 in the PSP's screen (no pillarboxing option in the N64 emulator, the others I don't know).
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Snes: Snes9x Euphoria - Near Perfect, roughly 98% compatibility
Genesis/Sega CD/GameGear: PicoDrive - Perfect
Gameboy Advance: GPSP - Perfect
Nintendo 64: Daedalus X64 - Getting there, actively updated.

Are the best emulators available right now. :)
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