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Emulation Discord!


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We made a Discord server for the Emulation communities!

Our server has a few text and voice channels and some nifty features and bots, including one that gives live updates in its own channel giving live news feed from all the emulation-related subreddits. We also have a great and friendly modding staff. Interested in having a friendly chat with other enthusiasts, find people to play with and meet some future friends? Then come join us!


Discord is in many ways an improved Teamspeak/Mumble/Skype and is used to chat with multiple people (potentially thousands) at the same time in voice or text form. Discord is available on your internet browser but there is a client available which is recommended. Also on IOS and Android so you can chat with us on your phones or tablets. If you have any questions, concerns, recommendations, please share. Hope to see you soon.

If this isn't allowed...lemme know


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So how does this work? Does it pickup all emulation hashtags or something?

It's similar to irc, only there's separate channels and things like that. Right now there's a general chat and looking to play chat. As we get more people we'll expand on the channels.