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I'm new to this board and I have some questions that I've been trying to research. I own almost all of the old retro systems and I'm in the process of building a retro gaming room. I have a pinball machine and original Ms Pacman arcade as well. I'd like to display many of my old systems but not hook them up and play them all the time. I was hoping to get a single device to play many of the old retro games. I've been researching the different options PC, tablets, Ouya, Rapsberry Pi and modded Xbox and such. I was wondering...

- What is considered the best option for the most realistic feel/play of the retro games?

- If I wanted to purchase USB versions of the old retro controllers is that still the best option or should I go with a different device? (or if there is another way to hook up retro controllers)

*Systems of focus are NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, N64 (i know this one isn't the easiest), Gamecube

*I've got an old CRT tv that I can/plan to play on if that impacts answers to the questions above.

Thanks guys and sorry if I'm the new guy with annoying basic questions but I want to get into emulation and get back into my retro gaming. I have to have all of this paid for, setup and done before kids come. That was my wife's request/demand.


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Generally PC, since it is the platform with most of the CPU juice necessary for accurate emulation (and most of the emulators obviously), especially if you are interested in Gamecube, anything other than a good PC with a recent intel cpu will leave you hanging.

As for controllers, I'm not really knowledgeable on what is around and is considered good. There are simple adapters into which you can plug an existing controller, but quality of those can apparently vary vastly from what I hear, there's also this: http://www.emutalk.net/threads/55324-Bliss-box-one-adapter-for-all-controllers/page2 which would be from someone in the community which is cool, but sadly it didn't reach the kickstarter funds