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Emu Loader v8.9.3 released!


Emu Loader v8.9.3 is released. Emu Loader was created to manage an arcade games emulator called M.A.M.E. With this frontend, you can change practically any option that is available in the emulator, like the screen resolution, sound quality, game options, etc. There are lots of extra features that makes your life much more easier, like the snapshots viewer where all captured images from M.A.M.E. games can be viewed when selecting games.

Version 8.9.3 Change Log - September 29, 2021


Set fonts to default was not validating font size in Night Mode / 4K Mode ("Games List Font Settings" screen, games popup menu)​

Search bar was not filtering games correctly with the "Have/Miss" tool bar filter​

Settings "Show Border" and "Border Color" were not updating if you click "Update" button in "Thumbnails Settings" screen​

View mode menu options "Game Icon Size" and "Tiles View Cell Size" were not properly initialized at frontend startup​

Edit boxes no resizing correctly in "Supermodel Settings" screen, 4K mode​


Tiles view "Ultra Large" cell width increased to 550 pixels​


My custom component RichEditURL no longer needed​

Redundant label "Filter by" removed from search bar caption text (tool bar filters)​

Icon files no longer used (folder "\resources\main_icons\)
- savetofile.ico
- savestate.ico
- toolbar.ico
- reserved.ico​


New "Audio Compressor" setting in mame.ini ("MAME Settings" screen, Audio panel)​