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Dual View Display Problem.


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There is something wrong how Jnes works on Dual View setup. I have Geforce 6600 GT in Dual View mode, display1 (WS LCD 1680x1050) + display 2 (WS TV PAL 720x576). When dragging Jnes window into display 2 it shows in TV, but when going into full screen (ALT+ENTER) it goes full screen into display1 not in display2. Same problem is with all the Snes emulators i've tried, also with N64 emulators (except Project64, it works correctly when using Jabo's Direct3D8 v.1.6 plugin :D). I hope there's something that can be done to fix this.


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I had a similar problem to this (with another program), and all I had to do was change some of my graphics card settings. On my ATI Catalyst Control Center, one of the options was the default display for full screen applications. I just changed it to the second monitor to make it use that one.