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Dreamemu problem


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Hi there!

I am having some problems with Dreamemu. I have shenmue, and I would like to play it on the PC. However, I don't get it running. I don't know exactly what the program wants me to do.

I do have this 1st_read.bin file, but when I want to load it as a bootfile, it doesn't do anything.

Also I have been reading about this Bios. Most people say you do need it to work, and some say you don't. When I am trying to make it run, it also says it cannot run/load the Bios.

Anyone out there who can help me????

I would appreciate your help very much!!

Thanks in advance...


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forget the idea.

Im sorry but Dreamemu does not play commercial games, and it probly wont for a long time. Sorry but thats the cold truth ;)


Just out of interest then, if it cannot play commercial games (not talking about roms) then what point is there in releasing it?

Does it allow developers to work on software for the Dreamcast? If so what point is that? I could understand if it was to get a group of developers working together to get out a product worth downloading but I see no reason to simply download a program that can do a few demos that ok, may be impressive from a technical stand point, but are really of no use.

It really needs to be made clear that Dreamemu does not do what it says on the tin and that is emulate the dreamcast (dreamcast being a games playing machine after all).
well if you dont want to use it dont use it! its as simple as that. the dreamcast is a complex machine and as its usually a hobby thing we dont spend much time on it. the fact is that an emulator never usually starts out playing commercial games - it takes a while for it to progress. and dc developers to find it handy to use an emulator when certain equipment mighnt be available. And i do make it clear that it dosnt emulate commercial games. it is a dreamcast emulator in that it emulates dc hardware to a certain degree - so theres no denying that. i dont think it is possible to mention that it dosnt run commercial games any more - its plastered all over the webpage, readme and these forums.