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Dreamemu input


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Which inputs are emulated in Dreamemu ?
In particular, does Dreamemu emulates the DC keyboard ?


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i believe that only the controler input is emulated as of yet, but im sure Lord Cheese will reply in a few hours


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thank you, i hope LordCheese will give me more details (e.g. key mapping of the controller).
I am writing a TO7/70 emulator for the DC (TO7/70 = a french home computer of the 80's) and it runs on dreamemu. So i use Dreamemu for testing purpose (no coder cable).
Controler emulation will be fine for testing TO7/70 games...
youll be glad to hear that in 0.04 the controller is much much improved and you can customize the controls to whatever you like. however only the standard DC controller is emulated (2 at the moment - 4 is easy to implement). keyboard and mouse isnt as important to me now as other stuff ya see?