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Dreamcast Roms-help Me


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I downloaded a dreamcast emulator, the instructions on how to burn dreamcast roms, and all the programs required, but am currently having touble finding FREE roms to work witht his new software. Obviously, if there are no games to download, there is no use for this waste of disk-space! Can someone please tell me where I can download WORKING dreamcast roms?


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again, no one can tell ya who/where/when/why about getting roms, :D

Also (to my understanding) for all the DC on PC emus dont require a rom file.

If your talking about Dreamsnes (or other emus that run on a dreamcast) we cannot and will not provide any roms for that stuff.

do a google search.

Later ???


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i think he's talking about public domain roms, like the stars demo for n64. afaik there is a pong game for dreamcast which is pb, but not sure