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Dreamcast Emulator Help!


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I've literally spent hours from last night till now trying to figure out a great Dreamcast Emulator that is able to run 'Jet Grind Radio' and at the same time, able to use the PS3 controller with. I've tried Chankast which kind of failed. I then tried Demul which I thought was going to be good because my PS3 controller started working with it but, I could not for the life of me figure out why it kept saying to please insert a game disc (which if you have to burn the ROM to a CD, that can be an issue for now. I then went over to NullDC which seemed promising until I wasn't able to use the PS3 controller with it (unless I don't have a plug-in in order to use my controller for the program).

If someone can help me out with this issue it would really be nice seeing that I'm getting tired of googling around finding no answer to my problem yet.