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Dr. Mario, what are the proper settings?


Leap of Faith
Just curious what are supposed to be the settings to make this game work. I can get as far as not being able to see the pill falling. I had got it to show me the pill falling once by setting "At 1st CI Change" and "Copy & Back", but that cause the whole screen to flicker.


Emulator Developer
In video plugin, use "With emulator". In 1964, enable "Frame buffer, read/write" in the ROM option.


Lord of the Cats
I did that, and single player worked well. story mode or two player has a very large black panel that drops across the screen between the two pills.
Should this be not happening?


Leap of Faith
WOW! I can see the pill and play properly for the first time! This is amazing to say the least.

The title menu of Dr. Mario still is mesed up to where it sorta looks like a slide puzzle. Once I get into the menus using the above settings it loooks great except a few very minor graphic glitches.