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I'm torn atm.

I'm still a huge Opera fan and after not using it for a long while I've recently gone back to it. Version 9.5 is sweet with a nice crisp clean interface. I thought I'd miss Adblockplus and the spellchecking but with a few downloads that problem was sorted out :)

It's email handling is miles better than thunderbird too. Although nothing really holds a candle to outlook atm, it's just I would like something more light weight for home use than outlook when I don't need all those features at home.

I'll probably try F3 out though.


I won't/don't pledge anything however I'll probably DL it sometime around that day. I'm not sure what the purpose of killer downloading though is.

I use to use Opera but stoped because it was over gadgetized.

I'm currently using Mozilla Firefox 3.0 RC2, Test Portable Edition (PortableApps.com), so I can keep my settings after a re-install(have it on another partition) and/or to use it on my flash drive away from home.

Although I have already pledged to download official Firefox 3.0 RTM as to help out Mozilla. :) ;)


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I'm not pledging since I don't really consider it to be that big of a deal, but I'll still probably download it on that day anyway.