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A new version of DOSBox has been released, with tons of new stuff :)

DOSBOx is an x86 emulator with DOS, VGA and Sound Blaster emulation. The perfect thing to run your old PC games on a recent computer. The core is still a pure interpreter, so it needs a rather powerfull computer to run the most demanding games (games that required a 486 or a Pentium)

Grab it here: http://dosbox.sourceforge.net
Official Forum: http://vogons.zetafleet.com

After a long time DOSBox 0.60 is finally released.

The most new important feature: basic protected mode

A full changelog is included below.

Please note that the configuration files have changed: not
all options present in 0.58 will work in 0.60.

Dosbox is still a full emulator. So games designed for a
pentium are very very very slow.

This version has the same problems with non-us keyboards
as the 0.58 release. To fix this:
1. either change you keyboard layout to us.
2. try another key (for \ use /)
3. put the commands with in the configfile

We've update the homepage as well so it can support more
than one version of dosbox :)

Have Fun!
Peter Veenstra

- added basic support for 32-bit protected mode
- added dos protected mode interface (dpmi)
- added basic fpu support.
- VGA now tries to emulate an S3 Trio 64 card with 2 MB
- VESA 2.0 support for some 256 color modes
- rewrote large piece of video bios code for better
- sound blaster emulation is now sb pro 2.0 compatible
- added cdrom label support
- improved cdrom audio playing
- added some support for tandy video modes
- added MAME Tandy 3 voice emulation
- added MAME CMS/GameBlaster emulation
- added serial port emulation with virtual tcp/ip modem
(somewhat buggy)

- added more shell commands and improved their
- added tab-completion
- Improved .BAT file support.
- mouse improvements.

- fixed several bugs with case sensitive filesystems.
- real time clock improvements.
- DMA fixes.
- rewrote memory system for future paging support
- fixed several EMS and XMS bugs and rewrite for new
memory system
- added support for the not inheritance flags.
- created functions for creating child psp.
- updated errorcodes of findfirst (thanks Mirek!)
- rewrote loggingsystem to generate less warnings
- fixed and improved directory cache
- added SELINFO (selector information) command to
- debugger shows selector- and cpu mode info
- added reference counting for dos files


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nice :) i tried dosbox a while ago but it didnt quite do what i wanted yet. time for anther try i guess :D