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Doomulation and MightyRocket, Lovers Together at last!

CpU MasteR

omg h4x
2 Spammers fall in love!

<08:14AM> <CpUMasteR> Doom is a girl stuck inside a guys body :p
<08:14AM> <blight> lol CpUMasteR
<08:14AM> <Dooooooom> i go hunt guys :D
<08:15AM> <CpUMasteR> ... :|
<08:15AM> <Dooooooom> come here, cpuie, sweetie!
<08:15AM> <blight> lol
<08:15AM> <Plisco|> ....
<08:15AM> <CpUMasteR> Dooooooom: YOU STAY THE FUCK AWAY
<08:15AM> <CpUMasteR> !!!
<08:15AM> <Dooooooom> lol
<08:15AM> <CpUMasteR> :S
<08:15AM> <Dooooooom> oh ok, i'll go hutn blight instead :p
<08:15AM> <Dooooooom> come here, blightie, sweetie
<08:16AM> <blight> you dunno where i am ;)
<08:16AM> <Dooooooom> GET HERE AT ONCE!!!
<08:16AM> <Dooooooom> :p
<08:16AM> * blight hides
<08:16AM> <CpUMasteR> WTF? Are you a dominatrix or what?
<08:16AM> <Dooooooom> bah...i'll go hunt another guys. there's lots here :p
<08:16AM> <CpUMasteR> sheesh :|
<08:16AM> <Plisco|> lol
<08:16AM> * mrocket redirects Doooooooom to Bearcave
<08:16AM> * Dooooooom puts on bulletproof west
<08:16AM> <Dooooooom> come here Plisco|, sweetie!
<08:17AM> * Dooooooom escapes Bearcave
<08:17AM> <CpUMasteR> they have all had a piece of doom
<08:17AM> * Plisco| pulls out a grenade
<08:17AM> * mrocket closes the door
<08:17AM> * CpUMasteR gets a buttplug
<08:17AM> <Plisco|> bye bye Bearcave
<08:17AM> <Plisco|> :D
<08:17AM> <Dooooooom> Bearcave is now in ruins :D
<08:18AM> * Plisco| looks at mrocket
<08:18AM> <CpUMasteR> bait...
<08:19AM> <CpUMasteR> doom wants your virgin ass hole!
<08:19AM> <Dooooooom> come here, sweeite! let's have some fun!'
<08:19AM> * mrocket escapes
<08:19AM> * mrocket hides under the table
<08:19AM> * Dooooooom throws the table away
<08:19AM> <Plisco|> :/
<08:19AM> <CpUMasteR> Hide in the closet!
<08:19AM> * mrocket hides in the closet
<08:19AM> <Plisco|> make him bleed Dooooooom
<08:20AM> * mrocket hears big steps on the stairs
<08:20AM> * Dooooooom opens closet
<08:20AM> <Dooooooom> come out, come out!
<08:20AM> * mrocket jumps out of a window
<08:20AM> <CpUMasteR> give him a goatse asshole
<08:20AM> <Dooooooom> see you, sweetie!
<08:20AM> * Dooooooom chases mrocket out the window
<08:21AM> * Plisco| pulls out the cigars and gives one to CpUMasteR
<08:21AM> * Plisco| pulls out the cigars and gives one to CpUMasteR
<08:21AM> <Plisco|> nice work 2 less spammers on ET
<08:22AM> <CpUMasteR> and they are 2 love birds now
<08:22AM> <Plisco|> meh I hope the keep that private ;)
<08:22AM> <Plisco|> *they
<08:23AM> <CpUMasteR> mrocket ('s asshole) + Dooooooom
<08:23AM> * CpUMasteR shivers
<08:23AM> <Plisco|> :/
<08:23AM> <mrocket> lol
<08:23AM> * Dooooooom hugs mrocket
<08:25AM> *mrocket kisses dooooooom
<08:25AM> <Dooooooom> ooo you sweetie!
<08:25AM> <Dooooooom> i love you!

Its a jerry springer ending :getlost:
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Ok just so you know, the last two replies signed "Doom," wasn't typed by me :bounce:
I was a little...away and my computer died, so...it wasn't me :p
If you think so, then :gunman:

And waita minute...the last mrocket line is also faked. Those who don't believe me...I can attach a log.
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I never say I am. And when I do, I'm sarcastic.
'Nuff said. Bah...I figure this will get nowhere.


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it's still funny when you say "sweetie" and "i love you" to guys.. i mean you may not be a girl, but gay.. oh yea... sweetie

I never say I am. And when I do, I'm sarcastic.
So you say it sometimes?
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Remember that your systement gave me the idea to start this quote. When saying these things, I'm sarcastic, well not sarcastic always as in this example, but I don't mean these things anyway.

As in this, it was all part of the act.


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