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Dont be bad guys!!!


Everyone gets what he deserves
Instead of say thanks to Chankast authors we say all the time but things! I believe in Chankast Team and i don't believe in any case that they are dead! THEY ARE ALIVE! They are preparing something big! Something good! Something excelent! Have faith! Maybe we havent hear news for a long time but you never know! Maybe Chankast will be a Christmas present! Maybe released on 7th July! Maybe in three years! Maybe... today! But never give up believe in Chankast Team! One day Chankast will be released!

Bye guys! Have faith!


Nice post there, hopefully should keep the n00bs away for now. Personally i'm happy with the version out now tbh, but a new verison would be nice I agree.


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Nice post, except that it makes the chankast programmers seem like magical fairies and pixies or santa claus. We must believe! Have Faith! Haha, nothing personal punisher, it's just sounds like a christmas tv special.