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Dolwin Patch Pack 0.10.1 released!


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This pack includes patches that will make games go further in Dolwin 0.10.
Some games like 1080 Avalanches, Mario Kart Double Dash, Zelda: Wind Waker are now bootable.

Also included is an updated games.ini and .map files to make memcards work with MK: DD.




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I just wanted to try SSBM some mins ago and found out THE bug that was making the game to hang, and not refresh frames. I did a quick patch and now you can go ingame and play as on Dolphin :D It works the same, you need to chang the language and so, use the dolphin video to play, the dolwin one shows stuff but you get a TON of fifo errors (always)in the menus and they are messed up .

NOTE: Disconnect the memcards, SSBM got a weird system where most of the CARD stuff are missing = no go.

use a CPU setting from 4-2-1 to 10-1-1

Super Smash Bros. Melee - US (NTSC) - GALE74 ONLY!


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btw... does zelda ww work? with many emus i have black screen or normal gameplay (with about 11 fps) but with dolwin, there is just a grey picture instead of game...


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This thread is over a year old - thanks for reviving it! and to answer your question: no.


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/me slaps ScottJC :p

Yeah it does actually, just needs a bit of tweaking, and it's horridly slow ;)