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Dolphin (SVN) discussion thread


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i had the same problem, one solution for now is to download a program called gc-tool and open your pokemon colosseum iso then rename the movie directory to movBA or something like that then click close gc iso and then pokemon colosseum becomes playable altohugh you wont be able to see the intro movie because the game will have skipped it.:bouncy:
That's odd. My emu went well past that scene. I could start a new game and everything. It crashed right before you could start playing though.


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How serious is the 1GB allocation panic? How much of a performance loss am i having?

The AV i use is Eset Nod32.


I think it depends of the version of Nod32, but even thought I think you could compare it with another computer just like yours, but without Nod32, or just do this. Open the Task Manager go to process look for something like egui.exe, ekrn.exe, nod32kui.exe or nod32krn.exe. Then end all of them and try using dolphin. You should have better performance, just look the fps in a specific game before and after you have done that. Also if you want i have a tool that you could use to free ram. but try what i told you first.


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Nod's kernel just keeps restarting, i tried this before, i'll uninstall it i guess to see how it goes. I was also expecting a dev answer :p.
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I hope you mean frame limiting, because frame skipping is the last thing anyone would want in a GameCube emulator.


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Outta curiousity how do You get OGL (OLG?) to work in the 64X version.Everytime I load A game with that plugin the emu crashes


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jsut a FYI, I hope to soon have my new system. I will be running ubuntu on it so I will be doing a lot of linux stuff. I had to put my dream of a new computer on hold AGAIN becuase of mony but sooooon.


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For some reason the Opengl plugin doesnt seem to have a .ini associated with it so I can't change any of the settings. Does anyone know how to work around this?


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Woot !

This an awesome job guys ! :bouncy:
I just saw that Dolphin is now open source, so i downloaded r84 and tried it (under x86)...
Must say it's really impressive ! SSBM runs flawlessly with the new OGL plugin, all the way trough "adventure mod" to the end without any problem.

The new throttle feature is nice too, even if it still needs tweaking.

It's really nice to see that you're still working on it after years =]

Thanks to everyone who worked/is working on it :party:


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GAH! I am so mad at myself...I bought a Quad Core processor a while ago, 2.2 GHz. I later found out it was MUCH cheaper online. Bummer. I could have gotten a much better one online, 2.6 Quad Core, for less then what i paid for the one i have now. That´s not all, my brother has a Dual Core processor which i gave him, 2.7 overclocked to 2.9. He gets much better speed then meeeee!:( I just tested it by coincidence, and his speed is better. I CAN afford a better processor right now, but i am saving up to buy a TV. I SUCK.

Ah well, hopefully someone will enable Quad Core support for Dolphin (Hint hint;))