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Dolphin SVN build 1943 - Gamecube/Nintendo Wii Emulator for Windows


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Category: <b>GameCube</b><br><br>Dolphin the Gamecube/Nintendo Wii Emulator for Windows has had a new public beta release, heres the news details:


With a little motivation, The team was able to stabilize the code for this release. Things to look forward to are fixed scanning in Metroid Prime 1 and Metroid Prime 2. Metroid Prime 3 is still having scanning issues but its getting better. Also, I have noticed in many games the graphics are looking much better. Also, ector was able to fix the crashing issues from the last few public builds. Its been fixed. This build should be a lot more stable. More notes on config changes and added visual options for wiimote. So go grad r1943 and get testing and let us know in the forums. On a side note. Nakee hasn't been around today so I posted the win32 build. I can not make a win64 or linux builds. When they are done and ready they will be posted under the downloads.

UPDATE 20/01/2008 By Daco: i added the 64bit build :)

Download here --> http://www.dolphin-emu.com/downloads.php