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Dolphin on Linux


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As some of you may have discovered, it is possible to run W32-Apps on Linux. Even Dolphin runns :D, but it is some work to get there. If you don't believe me, here is the thread, where i got Dolwin to run using Wine emulating Pong, Sonic Megacollection and some more... http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=25616

This time, we're in a Dolphin-Thread :D. Dolphin is quite simple to get run on Linux. Using the native msvcr71.dll and msvcp71.dll, we're able to do everything... nearly... :D Also the Plugin-Includation works fine.

Now the hard part (which is not solved yet). Everything works fine as long as you don't need DX9c-Extensions. But the Dolphin-Graphics-Plugin is a DX9-one, so Wine crashes. Clear like Crystall. Why does Dolwin emulate several games? the Dolwin-Graphics-Plugin is OpenGL-based and simply forwarded to the X11API.

So, Tuxies, Geeks and Freaks all around here, lets find a solution!
My first idea: Use native d3d9.dll to override. This is the way that i personally don't really like but it definitely WILL work in theory. I will give it a go if i find some time. Some help would be great :D.


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have you tried to run it thru Cedega ("The Wine version for Games")?

As it can run many dx9 games, maybe it'll support Dolphin too.

Just my 0.02€ :icecream:


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I already tried... Cedega simply craches and I definitely do not understand why. Next point is that I don't want a solution that costs money. Simply everybody should be able to enjoy Dolphin. To be honest - who of you guys would really like to buy cedega or crossover?

Since nobody wants to help me I will continue allone and stop writing on this thread since it has not very much to do with emulation.

have fun!


This cant be really happening
i just think there are not that much hardcore linux guys around here...
when the source is released ( someday ) sure there will be a port for linux too...
and mac... and solaris... and os/2 ... be os... ;P


If the GNU/Linux version can out someday , i will be the first person that play with it and my games (demos and games) :) I play with my blackcube and not need an emulator,but i like this emu for the very fast progress and for the powerfull that can be emulate at a "low" percentage of emulation.
I love the emus and the dolphin and chankast are the only thing that need a reason for i have installed windows XP :D
keep up the good work.
My best regards


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Porting the Emulator is not the hard part. But The DX9-GPU-Plugin of Dolphin is not portable since there is absolutely no directX on Linux. So i suggest the Dolwin-GPU-Plug will be the thing that will work on all ports. Since there is no Source atm and i decided not to battle around with winelib, there won't be a port to linux that soon. Maybe someone else wants to play with winelib...

have fun