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Do you remember your first post?


Entering into the 1k post count members gallery, aka spammer buddies. :p

Do you remember your first post? When did that happen and why? Great chance to revisit the past. :)

If you want, feel free to link us to your first post (even if it is wet in noobness :p).
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Mine was a thread about why Goldeneye was performing slower than Perfect Dark on my PC using Project 64 1.5 (the current secondary system I'm using).

Spammer buddys? It took me around 4 years to reach the 1000 posts count. How much time it took you? :p


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My very first post. :)

I'd gotten a PS2 and modchip for it a few months before and I wanted to write some code for it. My newbish zeal accounted for my desire to write an N64 emulator for PS2. (Coupled with the SNES, NES and Gameboy emulators already written for the console, I thought it would be neat to have an all-in-one console.) With the Wii out now though, I think I'll have my all-in-one console without having to write a line of code. (Except now what shall I do about the PSX and PS2 games??? Looks like some coding and more modding will need to be done after all. Ohhh... and what about that new Banjo Kazooie game for the 360... curses!) :p


I havent got a clue tbh... probably introducing myself :p

Shame the search doesnt go that far back, i'd like to see what i'd posted


Not yet :S

Kinda better if you post a screenie buddy :p

t0rek said:
Spammer buddys? It took me around 4 years to reach the 1000 posts count. How much time it took you?:p
Hmmm, to be honest when I first started posting I was too much excited and spammed A LOT. But now I feel like post count is not important. :)

1.81 posts per day. :p


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My first post was in the Chankast compatibility thread. I remember it because my account was enabled in August :p


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I remember being led to this site many times. I just never joined, because I had a bad encounter with the last forum I joined. (I cant say where, because they discussed where to get ROMs) The admins were a bunch of jerks, and I was immature at the time.

One day, I decided to get in to GC emulation, and I was looking around for an SZS extractor, for Super mario Sunshine, and I was led to Thakis' site. I went back to his site for some reason, and stumbled across the SZS threads, and read through them. I remember seeing his first attempt at his BMD viewer with just points, and I wanted the program, as I was going through the thread, I saw him add faces, face colors, a little texture support, and full texture support, and I downloaded it right away. Eventually, I got to the end of he thread, and I decided to join. I have expanded over to the ToTT, and Tech talk, and then Gaming. Now and then, I lurk in the n64 sections. I rarely ever start threads, I just find an appropriate place to ask my question.

But in my year at ET, I have definetly matured alot, and have learned a heck of a lot about computers. I mean, I knew more than the average person before I joined, but now, I know more than the computer admin at my school :geek::evil: (Im only in 11th grade, so Im in high school.) I used to remember the days, when I would hope to be a mod. That was before I found out the average age of ET mods. (I think ShizZy is the youngest mod and hes 2 years older than me) Im definetly on the younger end of most people here. I used to feel a little out of place, but Im happy knowing that I will be chatting with people more mature than I (I hope they are more mature than me :p)


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My first post was on the old board, so it's not visible anymore. I was having trouble with my graphics card, which was a POS ProSavage. This was with either pj64 1.2 or 1.3, I can't remember. I remember being quite honoured when Jabo answered the post :)

My first post on the newer board (ie the current emutalk): clicky
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