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Do not ask questions about getting games working in #emutalk!


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The bad ops in there will just ban you, like what happened to me today. So I am warning everyone not to go into #emutalk and ask questions about how to get games working. Apparently some of the ops want us to think it's against the rules to ask questions about getting games working.


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You never wait around for somebody to answer your questions, all you do is list a bunch of complaints then leave about a minute after :rolleyes:


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Jesse said:
You are only upset because you expect someone to aid you in your bitching about the quality of an emulator when its been known that the games you mentioned have bugs. If you dont like being told to use a real N64 to fix your agonizing problem then go fuck yourself.

1. I was told that both Blast Corps and Dr. Mario were fixed. In fact, I do have a real N64, its just the TV its on is tied up most of the time

2. The real N64 is dead. None of these games are really for sale anymore. That is why emulation exists.

3. The ultimate way of fixing these plugin configs getting as bad as they have been is uninstalling and reinstalling the emulators.

4. Once RCT3 comes out I wont be devoting as much time to emulators for a while


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Trotterwatch said:
I think it's worth mentioning btw, that I did actually try to help you. I couldn't help more as I had things to do.
Yeah, he sure did. I saw Trotterwatch helping you, in fact I might even have it logged. :)


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LReyome27 said:
EBay=Auctions. Auctions=spend more money then the item is worth. Auctions also means always lose.


That's the funniest thing I've heard. Have you even went to ebay before? I can get a Pentium 4 2.8 GHz CPU for $120 plus shipping on ebay when they are worth around $300-$500 in store.

I just got a adapter which totaled to $15. It has both PSX/PS2 and N64. Normally for just one system's apapter it's $20.

I bought a webcam that was worth $60 for $20. I can name many more examples of cheap stuff.

In order to get ripped off on ebay you got to have no brains. Simple as that. You have to be someone who searches, picks the first thing they see and doesn't read the descriptions.

Also I doubt they didn't give you a chance in the IRC channel. From what I've seen on the forums there is nothing wrong with the members here. I doubt they would act differently in the IRC channel.


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That's where I got my Leadtek GFX5700 for only 110$US (in buy it now), when it was around 180$US without taxes in stores. :)


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vampireuk said:

What does that mean, or did u bid for one of them documents that clearly states on the first line 'THIS IS NOT A SCAM'

Just avoid those and ebay is the best.

Especially when its not all second hand. Its just that some traders cant be bothered to make there own website anymore and move on to cheaper ways of trading their items.


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sammyboy I do believe he means that lreyome27 is a cheap wanker that would rather make excuses and bitch as opposed to taking the solution(s) offered and running with them.


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Yeah, ebay kicks ass... I got 4 dvds for less than I would have for one movie at a store.. including shipping and handling...

I bet this guy went and found one of those first bid $0.99 guitars and put a bid on it and got it for 10 bucks and then it was a piece of **** plywood yamaha and then he never trusted it again...