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Directory caching


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I have a lot homebrew stuff and selftesting stuff at same directory .. if i set jnes to scan it every time (I have not actually waited it to finish) .. it takes several minutes to respond. Does jnes undestand directory caching? so at every start it would load directory from cached data and refreshes it when user requests it.


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It doesn't cache directory listings at the moment, my testing environment probably has a few hundred games in one folder I would say, and that actually gets listed quite rapidly (it's multithreaded, so jnes does respond while this is going on). If you have directory listings in the thousands that would be interesting to know.


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my nes collection is several thousand sorted into the goodnes folder style (usa, japan, hacks, etc) and with some folders having 500+ to 1000+ files it takes a while to load the list. Directory caching would be nice though not necessity as you can always turn off the browser and do it old-style with file-open ;)


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Yea, it also might be worth me taking another look at this for the 0.6.1 release, either speeding this up (not sure how that can happen) or providing some kind of caching mechanism... not sure yet

My "typical" user for this usually has like 10 games or so total in their collection, but I also love my enthusiast users as well :)


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My collection is 62... 1000+???

That's just crazy? What do you have? All the Megamans (Megamen?) in all of the known languages???? :w00t:


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Yes caching would be a good thing..
a faster way to list them would be to not get the mapper info etc. and just let the user pick what they want listed next to the game? It would shave off about one second for those people with huge rom collections.

Also, perhaps a subdirectory depth of 1 folder or X folders would be nice as I've got my roms in Alphabetical folders for storage, but would be nice to be able to browse them all.

Edit: just let the browser run through my entire set and it took a good 50seconds on a 2.4Ghz Pentium 4 and a ATA133 HDD.. but one thing, the rom listing kept going when i opened a ROM through the file browser, perhaps you should stop the thread there. (it didn't slow the emulator down or anything but the HDD was really thrashing about).
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