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Dinosaur King Barcodes


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I have noticed that no one has posted a specific list for Dinosaur King barcodes for use in Demul, so i've taken the time to scan all the card barcodes and put them into two text files. These are the only ones that are useable for the 2008 english release titled Dinosaur King D-Team vs the Alpha Fortress.
One file list all the useable Dinosaurs for this release, while the other is all the useable card moves. I've also put links to the wiki that list the details and stats of the dinosaurs and moves so you can see what they do.
To use the barcodes you need to press the "Pause Break" button to pause the game F1 and copy the codes into the text box. If any of these barcodes do not work it is either because the whole code was not coppied completely or I've made a mistake when scanning the barcodes. If any don't work please post here which ones don't work and i will update the codes.


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