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DEMUL V0.7 ALPHA BUILD 111117 - Metal Slug 6 still crashing


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Hi Guys,

Would like to thank the creators of this absolutely brilliant emulator first and foremost. :tup:

Am just curious if anyone is facing the same issue with running the Atomiswave version of Metal Slug 6 on the last official build of Demul v0.7? (Alpha Build 111117) I have also tested using Demul v0.7 Alpha Build 180816 but the results are the same.

Have tested the rest of the Atomiswave games and none seem to crash the system the way Metal Slug 6 does, and it's usually quite haphazard as it would crash a few minutes into the game or as early as the start when turning from left to right while pressing the fire button.

I have exhausted almost all options trying to make changes to the Video Plugin using 11DxOld and 11Dx (PS: Disabling Auto Sort is not an option as it would render the characters "invisible" and hidden behind another layer). Made the following changes by setting the resolution at 640x480 and Vsync on, and have also used the NVidia Control Panel to boost the performance of the Emulator to maximum using my gfx card.

Just curious if it is a problem with the build as I have seen earlier versions (e.g. 0.5) running Metal Slug 6 fine without crashes and intensive googling through the world wide web still has not given me any answers.

EDIT: I just found out that it is a game specific bug as I am using the keyboard for testing purposes and pressing fire alongside L+R will cause a crash, not sure if others have faced the same issue. (I do recollect not having this issue when playing with a gamepad)

My PC Specs if it helps:

Intel Core i5-6200U CPU 2.30GHz
8 GB RAM (7.84 GB usable)
64 bit Operating System, x64-based processor
NVidia GeForce 940M (Dedicated GFX Card)

A million thanks for any kinda assistance as I am close to pulling all my hair out with this! :(
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I also had the same issue. But hey, this is physically impossible to reproduce with an arcade stick so I guess it is a game "bug" because it was never considered to be played with a keyboard. Just play with a gamepad or an arcade stick.


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Thanks for the kind reply and yes I made sure not to press L + R when testing on the keyboard earlier and it doesn't crash no more. Consider the case closed!