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Demul update?


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Since the last update to Demul could run brave firefighters i've become quite anxious, Can we hear anything about any updates in that may be coming up i mean its we haven't seen one since last year on oct


16-bit Corpse | Moderator
No release date, but there have been a number of WIP builds after October last year.


16-bit Corpse | Moderator
The builds are not public, I just saw the news (mainly screenshots of new working games)


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Hello, I'd like to know if in the next updates, there will be a Triforce emulation. I'm exspecially interested in Virtua Striker saga: Virtua Striker 2002, Virtua Striker 4, and most of all Virtua Striker 4, version 2006.
Bye to everyone!:happy:


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I hope the next version includes a 64 bit build

My computer does run the x86 builds well, therefore Im currently relegated to using v0.55 - instead of the latest

Fanatic 64

There have only been 32 bit builds so far. And if the 32 bit version runs well, what is preventing you from using the latest version?