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Demul Team: Audio help.

Mouser X

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Hayguys, what's going on in this forum?

I just thought I'd mention I've got a near-perfect AICA (Dreamcast sound) core, including full DSP emulation, that I did as part of my yet-unreleased Winamp plugin Highly Theoretical. There's a demo of it here -

Index of /etc/htdemo

...which I don't mind if people share, but it's not totally finished yet. There's still some bugs that cause i.e. missing notes in Skies of Arcadia. Most likely because I got something wrong with the channel info registers, but I haven't felt like tracking down the cause.

Long story short, I wouldn't mind sharing notes or even sharing the full code with you Chankast guys. Lemme know ([email protected]) if you're interested.
As quoted from http://www.emutalk.net/chankast/21994-aica-emulation.html

I know that he'd still be willing to help. Though, I also know that he's quite busy these days. At the very least, you could contact him. I'm sure he'd be willing to help you fix your audio code. If the offer still stands, he may even share out the source code for his emulator. Please, at least contact him. I know I'd appreciate it. Mouser X over and out.


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We tryed to ask him for help or sources, but he didn't answer at all... So all info was found and implemented by Wind and ajax16384... ;( Current problems with sound it is the core problem, less than AICA emulation itself, something wrong with interrupts. Previous pre-release version hasn't have that samples that sounds bad now. :)