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Demul: new installation. I need some suggestions please


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I had downloaded the latest version of Demul and i'm tring to find the best configuration. Can you help me?

First of all i read that it is better to select Video Plugin = gpuDX11old. In this way it will be enabled additional options in the Video section. But after many test, it seems that Video Plugin = gpuDX11 is better for nw NGDEV games like Gunlord, Last HOpe Pink Bullet, Neo XYZ... why? If I use gpuDX11old with these games, i dind't notice any graphic improvements

Which are the right settings that I have to set for correctly visuaize 2D games, 3D games and NGdev games? I mean:

Video Plugin: gpuDX11old or gpuDX11?
Windows Resolution: alwys 1920x1080 in a fullhd monitor?
Internal Resolution: it is enabled on with gpuDX11old
Max layers:
Shaders effect: it is enabled on with gpuDX11old

I would like to emulate the graphic as much as possible similar to the original console

thank you for your help!