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If is not GL ES is Vulkan, ok?
not sure if Vulkan OK. months ago I've asked fellow mobile gamedevs and was told Android Vulkan drivers is buggy, so not really usable at practice. maybe things changed since then, I don't know.

What is the Dreamcast and its arcade based machines have of so special for not be full emulated by the Adreno 630 gpu? The Adreno 630 has not ARB_shade_storage_buffer?
special ? I think it was said 100x times already - PowerVR2's per-pixel translucency sorting, neither of modern GPUs have such feature.
but it may be simulated, by rendering fragments to (huge) linked list buffer, OGL's ARB_shade_storage_buffer or D3D11's Unordered Access View, and then sorting these fragments in another shader. it require A LOT of GPU computing power, GPU memory amount, and fast enough access to it.

I still have doubts if latest and coolest embedded GPUs capable if that (in term of speed).


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Me have alpha build cave3rd for android. cave3rd have 166 mhz speed cpu without fpu block (Dc 200 mhz with fpu). Emulation slow ~ 45 fps with 1ghz arm cpu.
We are thinking about trying to further development, but we will not make any promises.

I wonder if the Cave3rd build would achieve full speed on the new hardware available in today's phones. It should, easily, achieve that. The new 855 Snapdragon runs the Cave cv1000 games full speed in Mame (via Retroarch).


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So i finally have a Snapdragon 855 device (OnePlus 7) and all Cv1000 games are indeed full speed, and with a bit of tweaking of the CPU, the PCB-like slowdown is mostly pretty good. I extensively tested and compared all games to the PCB and got underclocking numbers for each one, to make them smooth and very enjoyable. i use mame2014 core (incredibly fast core) for all except Daifukkatsu Black Label and Akai Katana that work in mame2016.

Here is Espgaluda 2 with CPU set to 49%. This one is the most resource intensive of the bunch.