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Demul 5.6 will not run at all. Win 7 64-bit.


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I should have everything, but the basic program itself will not run. When I try to run the .exe the box pops up for a second and a windows error comes up saying "Demul.exe has stopped working" and tries to find a fix for it. Have messed around with compatibility but nothing.

Searched around, but havn't found anything.



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You haven't said anything about the specs and hardware your computer has, other than "Windows". A general Windows error message can mean anything, but I'd start with updating my graphic card drivers if I were you.


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Working on the video card download currently. But specs are Intel Core Duo at 2.66, 4 gigs of ddr2 800, and nvidia 8800gt video card.

Nope, didn't help updating the driver. Still the same problem.
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I had a problem too but it was solved by installing an updated version of direct X. Now I can play Pstone and Cap vs Snk very well. The big problem for me, is the bad recognition of Dreamcast games, in this version of Demul. Im waiting the x64 version with that bugfix.

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Make sure your screen refresh rate matches whats in the the gpuDXLegacy.ini


transformZ = false
listSorting = true
modifier = false
snapPng = true
snapJpg = false
rotate = 0
DynamicVB = false
disableFog = false

wWidth = 640
wHeight = 480
fWidth = 1024
fHeight = 768
frequency = 70 <-----this is your refresh rate. Make sure it matches the setting in your display configuration.